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Peter Haworth pete at lcsql.com
Mon May 28 16:52:54 EDT 2012

Hi Stephen,
I concur that Apple are treating their user base as dumbasses these days.
 It's probably fair to say that there are a substantial number of them that
fit that moniker!  The problem is that Apple doesn't always provide a way
to tell them "I'm not a dumbass and I would like to not be treated as such".

During the process of installing Lion, I too found a disk problem.  In my
case, it wasn't a failure per se but when I tried to create a second
partition to hold Lion, DiskUtitliy flagged an error.  Don't recall exactly
what it was but I had to boot from my Snow Leopard disk and run DiskUtitlty
from there to fix it.

The weird thing was that even after fixing it, I still couldn't create the
second partition.  There was plenty of room on the disk for the new
partition but when I kicked off the process of creating it, I got an error
that there wasn't enough disk space to re-partition the drive.

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On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 1:36 PM, stephen barncard <
stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com> wrote:

> I've found that 'export' is the key to getting around not having a 'save
> as...'. Not a natural workflow to me, and I have to remember which apps are
> and are not part of the 'new paradigm'.
> Apple has suddenly decided that its user base are now helpless dumbasses
> and we can't be trusted keep track of our own versions. I also hate the
> loss of my custom icons showing in the sidebar anymore, replaced with
> whitefaces icons of their choosing. Hey Apple, I created and used those
> icons so I wouldn't screw up and do something to the wrong disk. Thanks a
> lot.
> Some of the stupid stuff that can be changed by command line can be also
> changed by using the GUI helper Tinkertool.
> For a while, I thought that "Reopen Applications and Windows" checkbox on
> shutdown that was persisting was enforced, after the last update I see that
> is was a bug. One of many.
> For those that followed my 'spinning beachball' rants last week that
> finally was 'fixed' by formatting a new drive, re-installing and using the
> migration assistant to move hundreds of g of files to another drive - it
> turns out that the problem was a BAD DRIVE that was slowly disintegrating.
> This is the first hard drive failure I've had in several years since the
> change to SATA and <300 gigabyte sizes. And I use a lot of drives. Still I
> make mirrors of all my data/media drives regularly. Always work in pairs
> (but not RAID, thank you...)
> On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 11:28 AM, Peter Haworth <pete at lcsql.com> wrote:
> > Thanks Bjornke.  I found the duplicate option and that works for me.
>  Most
> > of the time, the simple save will be fine but I definitely have
> >
> Stephen Barncard
> San Francisco Ca. USA
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