field focused but why ?

Ludovic Thébault ludovic.thebault at
Sat Mar 31 14:13:17 EDT 2012


I've a field which is "focused" always when the card is opened (or after a resumestack when i switch from the script windows for example) and i don't know why !
I've no script about this. It's not a real focus (no blue border on macos) but there is the "blink cursor" to type in the field.

It's a problem because this is a stack for iOS and the keyboard always display on the device when this field is focused.

The field is not at the top level (or at the "bottom" level)
The field has an openfield script (but without it's the same).
In the message watcher, just before the openfield message there is a cRevGeneral message.
In step by step in the debug mode, nothing to catch...

 i put this line :
focus on nothing
at the end of the opencard script but no change.

Any ideas ?

Thanks !

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