Displaying PDF files in an LC stack

Ralph DiMola rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
Sat Mar 24 20:28:05 EDT 2012

I've been looking for a way to display PDFs in LC in a mobile app. The
browser window is not even an option for Android because the Android browser
will not render PDFs natively. I have not tried iOS yet but I am told that
Safari can render a PDF. Then there's the java support. That's another can
of worms. The PDF spec is like 6,000 pages. Adobe has an SDKs for rendering
PDFs on both Android and iOS. With an external for each mobile platforms it
might be possible to render and support interactive PDFs for mobile. For
desktop Adobe also has free SDKs.

Just a thought......

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at evergreeninfo.net

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In another thread, I've been soliciting advice about tools to use for Help
Text preparation and display.  One of the options was to go with a pdf file
and display it using revBrowser.  Been having some issues getting that to
work but even if it did work, I don't think it will satisfy my needs.  I
want to use the pdf feature of showing bookmarks in a navigation pane (like
the datagrid manual) and apparently that won't happen, at least on a Mac.

I could, of course, simply launch the pdf file as a separate process but
I'd really like to keep the help file within my LC stack if possible.  Are
there any other ways of displaying a pdf file within LC other than using
revBrowser?  I though I remembered seeing some sort of plugin but a quick
search didn't come up with anything.

I am still looking into ScreenSteps and WordLib.

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