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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Mar 23 21:45:44 CDT 2012

dunbarx wrote:

> I had posted earlier about a stack I use that became neurotic. If launched in a new session from the finder, no problem. But if closed,
> it could not be reopened in the same session. The "stacks" showed no reference to it at all soemtimes, though at other times it was
> indeed listed, albeit still not visible. In those cases I could get and set its loc and other properties, I just could not see it.
> Lately it had become intermittantly corruptible, with a dialog telling me so, and recomending using a back-up copy. In those cases it would not even
>  open with a fresh start, and I had to trash it and start over with a backup. Thank you, Mozy.
> It turns out that the stack had inexplicably had its mainstack reference changed to another stack.

How were you able to determine that, and fix it, if it was unopenable?

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