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Hi Bernard,

When two companies specialise in two different activities, it doesn't mean that one of them must be wrong. Also, the world changes and so does the path we follow. Perhaps Apple was right both times and I would be surprised if RealStudio doesn't come up with a locally running version for mobile devices eventually.

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On 23 mrt 2012, at 14:46, Bernard Devlin wrote:

> Hi Mark, you might not have said that such decisions are wrong, but
> with finite resources, decisions must be made.  Some decisions will
> turn out to be the wrong decisions.  About 3 years ago RealBasic and
> Livecode looked like they were going in the same direction; they've
> now branched off in different directions.  It may prove disastrous for
> either or both companies.  If it does, then they will have made a
> mistake in evaluating where things are going and what
> technology/market will be best for their clients.  We won't know that
> until some point in the future.  But Runrev sure realised that mobile
> applications were far more important than I did.
> When Apple was first promoting applications for mobile devices, they
> promoted web apps as the right route.  Either that was a delaying
> tactic, or they decided they'd made the wrong prediction.  Because
> native apps became the most common form of app (despite that requiring
> re-tooling by many developers).
> As I haven't paid much attention to javascript since the whole Ajaxy
> thing was coined, I had a look at what RealStudio have to say about
> HTML5.
> I've seen companies in the arena of IDE-that-compiles-web-app struggle
> to survive (Morfik comes to mind).  Considering what they were
> offering a few years ago, it doesn't seem to have been the runaway
> success that I expected it to be.  Another instance where my
> expectations of the market seemed to be at variance with reality.
> I can understand you'd like Livecode to output a web app in addition
> to the other kinds of deployment target.  So would I.
> With limited options for the encryption of local data, I view mobile
> phone apps as being thin-client apps.  I've no idea what is required
> to make governments recognise the need for the encryption of data on
> devices.  But that is one of the things that those 2 links from my
> visit to the RealStudio website highlight as a problem with HTML5
> apps.  It seems we take data security far less seriously now than 20
> years ago.  I've read reports of government and corporate employees
> being mandated NOT to take their mobile phones to foreign countries,
> because of the risks of the contents/devices being compromised.
> That's a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem.  Some of the
> other risks (such as hacking of a local webapp) do not seem to me to
> be such a serious problem.
> Richard Gaskin argued persuasively IMO against a runrev browser
> plug-in.  I really don't care if the plug-in dies.  I don't see it
> offers any benefit other than users who live in a browser not having
> to start another application in order to do something.  That seems to
> be a
> Bernard

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