Need an example of how to use "try" and "catch"

Peter M. Brigham, MD pmbrig at
Thu Mar 22 13:32:01 EDT 2012

On Mar 22, 2012, at 1:11 PM, Jim Hurley wrote:

> It does give an error here. I get the error message:
>   button "Button": execution error at line n/a (Object: object does not have this property)

Sounds as if you're trying to get a built-in property that doesn't apply to that type of object. If you try to get the scroll of a button, you'll get an error. If you try to get the mycustomProp of a button and you've never set the mycustomProp of that button to anything (so it "doesn't exist"), you'll get <empty> with no error message.

-- Peter

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