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Yes, my feeling exactly. It looks like there was a conscious effort to omit the foregroundColor  for the slider (and scollbar as well). I was worried that it was to be deprecated.

(I wasn't concerned about ALL the properties being in the Inspector. It is odd, however, that there is a place for the foreGroundColor property, an icon but no defining text, but no way to access it. I suspect RR got distracted while implementing the slider Inspector.)

You might want to check out Richard's 4wProps (under the Development/Plugins menu). Easy access to all the properties.

Occasionally I have found (legendary) Renaldi's SmartProperties invalueable. It allows one to compare side by side the properties to two objects. It is valuable in finding out why two, apparently identical, controls behave or look different.

Jim Hurley

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> Yeah, but that displays all possible properties of any object.  The
> "properties" property of an object gets you an array of properties for a
> specific object.  Still a long list mind you, and not a complete list
> either according to the dictionary.
> I think you're probably right that it would make the inspector windows very
> unwieldy to include all properties.  The problem is that by leaving some of
> them out, arbitrarily, it gives the impression that they aren't available,
> especially to new users.  I remember when I first started using LC and
> wanted to set the behavior of an option menu button - there's no inspector
> window behavior field so I just assumed it wasn't possible for some reason
> and went down a different, much more complicated path.
> Seems like it would have been trivial to include one more option in the
> inspector option menu for "All Properties" or something similar.  I ended
> up writing my own plugin to show all the properties of a selected object
> and allow me to change any of them.
> Pete
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 11:09 AM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at gmail.com>wrote:
>> On 03/19/2012 06:05 PM, Jim Hurley wrote:
>>> I have a slider in which the showValue is set to true.
>>> Unfortunately, the card background is gray and the black slider value is
>>> very difficult to read.
>>> The inspector for the slider does not display an option for the
>>> foreground color. Why not?
>>> Using 4W Properties (thank you RIchard) the foreground color is listed as
>>> an option (and can be changed there, or from the msg box.)
>>> Why this omission in the Inspector? (LC version 4 AND 5.)
>> Almost all object have a vast number of options that one can fiddle around
>> with; the Props Inspector only
>> displays a subset of them; why? I don't know, but I can hazard a guess:
>> a Props Inspector that displayed ALL the props of each object might be so
>> unwieldy as to be virtually unusable.
>> "Just for fun" . . .
>> Set up a new stack with a scrollingListField field called "PROPPS"
>> and try this in the MessageBox:
>> put the propertyNames into fld "PROPPS"
>> and "blow your mind" . . .   :)
>>> Jim
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