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There is a chance you can communicate with the device as though the Bluetooth link is a serial port.  The manufacturer might be able to help.  If the device simply dumped data and did not need a dialog, you might be able to discover how the messages look, but if if a dialog is needed, that would be hard without some sort of clue.  

If the device software can be run as a command-line app, you might be able to use shell() or open process to communicate with the software.  

Otherwise, you might need to create or have created an external.  


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> All,
>  I am completely naive on this, but as I am getting a new portable EEG device for my lab that communicates by bluetooth, I thought I would ask whether any of the many genius coders on this list know how to read the raw data from a bluetooth device from LiveCard?  The machine comes with software, but would prefer to handle it on my own within LC.
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