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Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Fri Mar 9 10:09:00 CST 2012

Your DHCP server is running out of leases. A lease is still current even if no one is using it presently, because the TTL has not yet expired. DHCP will typically hold a lease until it expires. 

The solution is to bridge your Airports to the LAN so that everyone is on the same subnet, and then have a single DHCP server somewhere on the LAN (the server will probably have one) that hands out all the leases. Don't have more than one unless you know how to set them up that way. 


On Mar 8, 2012, at 9:15 PM, Kay C Lan wrote:

> As we are WOT and you guys are clearly Server savvy I thought I might pose
> a problem I have not been able to solve. I've posted on the Apple forums,
> at least twice dating back to Leopard, and have never received a response.
> Apple Genii have less clue than I do.
> Simply put, my home network seems to be limited to 10 devices (wired +
> WiFi). I understand there is a 10 user limit on AFP (non-Server), but I
> don't have 10 devices with File Sharing switched On (iTunes Sharing maybe,
> iPhoto Sharing less so). Apart from desktops (wired), laptops and iOS
> devices (WiFi), there is a TimeCapsule (wired), 2 x Airport Expresses (1
> wired to network, the other via WiFi), a printer  (wired) and an AV Amp
> (wired). The Expresses are suppose to have 10 User limit (WiFi) whilst the
> TimeCapsule is suppose to be limited to 50 Users (not clear if this WiFi or
> wired + WiFi).
> The problem is when too many of us are at home, someone will try and log
> into the network and not get a proper connection. DHCP allocates a
> 169.xx.xx.xx IP rather than a usual 10.0.x.xx. When I troubleshoot there is
> always 9 listed devices on the network, + the one doing the Listing makes
> 10 - the List includes the printer/amp/Airports, so this is Total DHCP
> clients, not just WiFi. If someone logs off, the other can log on. The
> TimeCapsule is set up to allocate a range of 30 numbers for the 25 devices
> in the house. The Express that is connected via WiFi is used to Airplay to
> outdoor speakers and rarely has any WiFi clients. The Express connected by
> wire is to cover a weak spot in the house and may have 2 or 3 WiFi clients.
> So my question is quite simple, is there a 10 device limit, and if so, if I
> bought a MacMini Server and placed it into the network would that limit
> disappear? (But then why aren't TimeCapsules advertised as 50 Users ONLY
> WITH OS X Server)
> If there is no 10 device limit, what is the likely cause of my problem.
> Does the TimeCapsule us AFP, if so how does it differentiate between the 50
> User limit and the 10 AFP Limit? iOS devices don't display the TimeCapsule
> so they can't be using AFP, but because there now seems to be an iOS device
> epidemic we now seem to hit the limit more often :-( I might also mention
> that we are running a range of OSs from Tiger to Lion.
> Any help appreciated
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