Changing mobile horses in midstream?

Ken Corey ken at
Mon Mar 5 13:47:56 CST 2012

On 05/03/2012 19:23, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> My question may be a nonsensical one, but is it conceivable that an
>> app could start on one device and somehow be transferred to or woken
>> up on another, so that the layout work would have to be done again
>> during the operation of the device?
> I don't think that's currently possible.

Well, transferring the app from one physical machine to another might 
not be possible (though it'd be decidedly impressive, methinks)...however...

Could the screen resolution change if the user plugs in the Apple TV 
adapter for the iPad?

Could it be possible for the user to change resolution (rotation)?

If there's use cases where the format changes that we know about, seems 
to make sense to assume that the screen is rather a temporary window, 
not a permanent fixture.


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