HELP! - Unable to acquire FTP file list...

Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab) keith at
Thu Mar 1 19:01:06 EST 2012

Hi Ken,

I played with active and passive modes, but that was not the issue. At least 
regarding the URL function, the problem was that I was not putting 
parentheses around my information:

put url "ftp://" & FTPUSER & ":" & FTPPASS & "@" & FTPHOST into myVar

should have been:

put url ("ftp://" & FTPUSER & ":" & FTPPASS & "@" & FTPHOST) into myVar

Also, while testing, I think my socket became locked... When playing around 
with FTP, I highly recommend using the resetAll command to make sure all 
sockets are clear before retesting...

Thanks for the help...

- Boo

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On 01/03/2012 21:26, Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab) wrote:
> Anyway, I am able to upload and download files with no problem. 
> Furthermore, I am also able to make directories and delete directories. 
> The problem I am having is the acquisition of a file list for the FTP 
> account. I have tried both of the following methods, but to no avail:
> ]libURLSetFTPListCommand "LIST"
> get 
> libURLftpCommand("LIST","","myusername at","mypassword")
> answer it

Sounds to me like you're in active ftp mode...which is strange as
passive mode is the default.
libURLSetFTPMode "passive"

If that doesn't work, try
libURLSetFTPMode "active"

I've not played with FTP in LiveCode, but I'd bet that solves this one.


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