Comment Lines interfere with continuation lines

Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Jun 27 23:46:31 EDT 2012

Hi Peter, and Bob,
I see what you're saying but if that's the case I would have expected to
get a compile error. "with p1, p2" is certainly not a valid instruction.

Although I just checked that out by inserting exactly that line in a the
middle of a script - no compile error.  I think it is interpreting it as a
call to a handler named "with". However, when the script ran, it failed
with a runtime error on that line.  Even tried it with a comment line
immediately before it and same runtime error.

I suppose there's only so much you can expect the compile phase to do but I
still think that should have resulted in a runtime error rather than just
ignoring that line

My least favorite LC compile problem is that it seems to be incapable of

repeat for each line tLine in ...


repeat with x=1 to …..

If I mix the two:

repeat for x=1 to …..

… the compile doesn't catch it but I get a runtime error.

lcSQL Software <>

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 8:17 PM, Peter M. Brigham <pmbrig at> wrote:

> I think that's because according to Bob's analysis, the parser sees "with
> p1, p2" as a misconstructed line of script, not as a comment.

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