Sound loops in iOS

Ken Corey ken at
Sun Feb 26 09:22:04 CST 2012

On 26/02/2012 14:10, Graham Samuel wrote:
> Thanks to Ken Corey and others on this list, I am managing to play sounds in my developing iOS app quite nicely - as appears to be required, I'm playing them from a file, and I'm using 'the environment' to distinguish between the IDE and the real app (and simulator). So far so good. My current problem is that my sounds won't loop. I have code like this, where t3 contains a path to a sound file.
>       play t3 looping
> This is in fact just one variation on several attempts, but the important point is the sound only plays once on the simulator and the iPad (thus showing at least that my t3 does correctly identify a sound file in the iOS environment); but in the IDE, the exact same code does loop the sound as expected.
> Is this a bug, or yet more naivety on my part?

Well, I couldn't get it to work either.  The first example shown in the 
dictionary is:
play mySoundFile, true

Which didn't work (and didn't throw an errorDialog).

I also tried:
play mySoundFile true
playing mySoundFile looping

I can get it to work once, but it never seems to loop either.


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