Problem resizing a stack

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It has become standard practice to:

send yourMessage in 0 millisec 

instead of

just put some code after openCard/openStack,etc types of handlers. I hate that this might be so, but it seems to account, or at least forgive, certain timing and event queue issues that are inherent in those types of messages.

Try it. I don't think there is a formal methodology for it all, it just seems to work. The fact that you can step through code, but not execute in real time, makes me think it could solve the problem.

Craig Newman

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Subject: Problem resizing a stack

A stack I'm working on has a group at the bottom that, at startup, needs to
be hiddenor visible depending on preference setting.

I want to adjust the bottom of the stack depdning on whether the group is
hidden or not.

In a preOpenCard handler, if  the preference requires the group to be
hidden and it is not already hidden, I get the stack's rectangle, subtract
the height of the group from item 4 of the rectangle, then set the stack's
rectangle to the new value.

When I step through the code that does this in debug, the stack height
changes correctly, but when the code is executed without a debug
breakpoint, the bottom of the stack doesn't change position.

Is there some timing issue I need to be aware of when changing stack sizes
like this?

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