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FlexibleLearning admin at FlexibleLearning.com
Sat Aug 25 03:06:26 EDT 2012

Now available at:

25 August 2012

The DatePicker popup can now be optionally opened as a modal for situations
where you need a blocking display, or when you want to use the popup from a
modal window.


DatePicker for LiveCode is a cross-platform plug-in library solution for Mac
OS, Linux and Windows, designed to handle date selection and validation as
well as webpage calendars in your own work. Single, multiple or date ranges,
disabled days and dates, memos, calendar limits, even early-date historal
accuracy are all supported. Best of all you can give it virtually any human
readable date and it will understand what you mean. Dates are returned in 7
standard formats, and you can define your own custom date format if you need

Because it is non-blocking, work-flow is uninterrupted and all your other
controls remain accessible. And thanks to the range of callbacks, your app
can interact with palette events and user actions as they happen. It
automatically displays in the local language, 2 popup styles are available
and I think it pretty much covers everything you could want.

It comes with DatePicker Utility, a point and click palette that uses
DatePicker to create ad-hoc popups along with the required syntax for you.
If you use 'ChartMaker for LiveCode', the syntax is handled in the same
flexible and straightforward way, default settings are applied if you omit
anything or if it cannot understand, and it will always try to correctly
interpret the data you supply.

Easy-access documentation is full of How To's and help along with the
complete syntax guide and examples for everything. And there is an unlocked
Playground stack with sample implementations for you to hack into,
investigate and play with.

DatePicker for LiveCode is an appropriate solution if you want to...

. Offer different levels of functionality
. Select dates using a simple 'Click On, Click Off'
. Support a local language interface
. Supply and obtain dates in any date format
. Provide full control over disabled dates
. Limit date selections between any two dates
. Support Single, Multiple and Range date selections
. Include dated memos for reference
. Revert the date selection at any time
. Show the selected dates with dropdown access
. Respond dynamically to user actions and popup events
. Support historical years with both Julian and Gregorian systems

DatePicker is free to try for 30 days and the licence is for unlimited
personal and commercial use.

.LiveCode version 3.5 or later, 4.5.2 or later recommended

Hugh Senior

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