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Tue Aug 21 11:46:33 EDT 2012

slylabs13 wrote
> Where else would we go? 
> Bob

It depends for what platform.  For Linux you would likely go to Python and
use one of the gui kits of which there are several.  I don't know about
Windows or Mac.   It would not be as nice or as easy, at least not for me. 
But the nature of open source is that you would be protected from the shifts
that Rev is liable to.  Others will have different choices, there are quite
a lot out there in the open source market.

My point really is that the way Rev is handing this has dangers they may not
fully appreciate, given the open source alternative.   The more frequent and
arbitrary the changes of positioning get, the more it will seem worthwhile
to trade off basic attractiveness of the platform and language for certainty
and a greater degree of control.  I do think the price/positioning of the
Linux offering is a roundabout long winded way of killing it, and think it
would be better to do it direct and get it over with.  Confronted with this
pricing structure back when I first bought Rev, there is no way I would go
for it.

Then, like it or not, we will have to find something else, and will, and it
will be liveable.

People are quite put off by some aspects of Python, and I agree.  As they
are by other aspects of other alternatives.  There is nothing I like as much
as LiveCode the language either.  But you have to accept that the product is
more than the language, its also the market positioning, pricing, and
stability of these, and the balance has really swung in the wrong direction
on these, for Linux, since I bought in.

For very understandable reasons of course.  But understanding doesn't change
that its happened.

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