Older versions. Was "New Pricing".

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 09:23:15 EDT 2012

On 08/21/2012 04:18 PM, Ken Corey wrote:
> On 21/08/2012 14:09, Richmond wrote:
>>> Why version 4.0 specifically?  Why not version 3.0, or 2.0, or 5.0?
>> I used the word 'say'.
>> I would like it if Runrev offered all previous whole-number versions
>> from 2.0 onwards with a rider
>> that NO SUPPORT is offered
> Offered or not people who pay expect (with some justification) to be 
> supported.
> There's the unwritten implication that version 2.0 is just as good as 
> it ever was.
> That's true if running on Windows XP SP1 or OSX 10.1, but as these 
> operating systems have changed I'd expect things to break. Therefore, 
> releasing old solid number versions would start to consume resources 
> again.
> Remember GOG.com?  "Good Old Games"?  They didn't just let you 
> download the bits of old games, they rereleased them, suggesting at a 
> minimum recompiling, but likely testing and the whole lot again.
>> It would bring RunRev some modest revenue from people who have neither
>> the money to invest in the latest version, nor the requirements to 
>> have it.
> I disagree.  While it might bring in money, you'd have to work to 
> convince me that there'd be enough revenue to pay for itself, while 
> also reducing the numbers of people that pay for the new versions of 
> the software.
> But, I'm humble enough to admit I can be (and am often) wrong.
> Why not propose to runrev that you'll finance the release of older 
> versions of software?  If it's a money spinner, you'll do okay out of 
> it, and runrev won't have the support issues for old versions of the 
> software?

If I had that sort of money (well, at the moment, I have almost nothing 
until next month) I would
seriously consider that.

> -Ken
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