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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Aug 21 09:51:15 EDT 2012


Do you mean the scroll position of the field or the stack (I'm not sure a stack can have a scroll position)? Probably something like this:

on resizeStack
  put the vScroll of fld x into myScroll
  send "restoreScroll myScroll" to me in 0 millisecs
  pass resizeStack
end resizeStack

on restoreScroll theScroll
  set the vScroll of fld x to theScroll
end restoreScroll

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On 21 aug 2012, at 03:13, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I'm using the Geometry Manager to manage the resiang of a scrolling list
> field when its stack is resized.  I know, I know, using the Geometry
> Manager is my first problem but that's the way it is right now!
> If I select a line in the scrolling list field, scroll down so the selected
> line is out of sight, then resize the stack horizontally or vertically, the
> scroll position of the stack is changed so that the selected line is shown
> at the top of the stack.  Happens whether liveResize is true or false but
> only when the resize is finished.
> I'd much rather that didn't happen.  Is there some property that will
> prevent it or am I looking at writing a resizeStack handler to deal with it?
> Pete
> lcSQL Software <>

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