remedial mysql???

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Sat Aug 18 19:32:18 EDT 2012

Hmm, ok alternate idea.

I did this:

   put "Mike,Carl,Joe,George,Maynard,Pete,Mark,Mark,Mark,Mark" into tFirst
into tLast
put the milliseconds into tStart -- for timing

## build a list of 100 transactions with the loop but make sure to put the
start in there first.
put "START TRANSACTION;" into tList
   repeat 100 times
      put any item of tFirst into fName
      put any item of tLast into lName
      put merge("INSERT INTO people (first_name,last_name) VALUES
('[[fName]]','[[lName]]');") & cr after tList
   end repeat
## put the final commit into tList
put "COMMIT;" after tList

## you'll want a way to create unique temp file names
put the milliseconds & ".sql" into tDbFile

## put the sequence of commands we created into a file.
put tList into url ("file:" & tDbFile)

## use the mysql command directly to insert from the file that was created
get shell(merge("/usr/bin/mysql --user=yourdbusername
--password=yourdbpassword yourdatabasename < [[tDbFile]]"))
put " It took: " & the milliseconds - tStart & cr
get shell(merge("rm [[tDbFile]]")) -- remove the temp file
It works.

Inserting 100 records, including the time to build and create the file
takes about 14 milliseconds.

If you have trouble (like it can't find mysql) you can do a "put
shell("which mysql") and it will tell you where it is.

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