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I didn't watch that much Star Trek but I think Spock would disagree
with your theory about mood swings and AI.


On Aug 1, 2012, at 6:48 AM, Richmond wrote:

> On 08/01/2012 04:31 PM, -=>JB<=- wrote:
>> The AI we have had in the past is primitive and not even close to the AI
>> I am talking about.  i have not seen anything fantastic come from the old
>> so called AI because it was artificial in even claiming it to be AI.
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> Artificial Intelligence if we mean something that can learn from input and act on it does exist.
> Artificial Intelligence if we mean a machine that behaves like a Bonobo or a Human does not exist
> and is unlikely to as that presupposes Bonobos and Humans are entirely mechanistic.
> Artificial Intelligence can be something as simple as a computer program that learns how an end-user uses it and reshapes its behaviour to echo the end-user's preferences. I(f that is the case, then the Mozilla Firefox browser that "lives" in part of my Linux box may be said to possess some sort of AI.
> However my cat (who is neither a computer program, nor interacts with computers), and I (???)
> both possess a quite different sort of intelligence . . .
> This is why the Russell-Carnap theory that everything could be boiled down to a set of mathematical equations has failed so miserably.
> So, while Artificial Intelligence can be said to exist, and be said to be capable of development, to
> equate AI with animal intelligence might lead to ridiculous and unreasonable expectations.
> Animals have feelings, and feelings cannot be mathematically quantified yet animals act upon them.
> When I see a computer and/or program that suffers from mood swings I will admit I was wrong!
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I don't know whether anybody has sat down and mapped out how AI is expected to develop
> over the next dozen years or so. This might prove useful so that a lot of people don't waste
> an awful lot of time trying to get something to behave in a way it is congenitally incapable of,
> and stop the sort of "my computer behaves like my girlfriend" sort of expectations that seem to
> be current.
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