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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 09:48:05 EDT 2012

On 08/01/2012 04:31 PM, -=>JB<=- wrote:
> The AI we have had in the past is primitive and not even close to the AI
> I am talking about.  i have not seen anything fantastic come from the old
> so called AI because it was artificial in even claiming it to be AI.

Artificial Intelligence if we mean something that can learn from input 
and act on it does exist.

Artificial Intelligence if we mean a machine that behaves like a Bonobo 
or a Human does not exist
and is unlikely to as that presupposes Bonobos and Humans are entirely 

Artificial Intelligence can be something as simple as a computer program 
that learns how an end-user uses it and reshapes its behaviour to echo 
the end-user's preferences. I(f that is the case, then the Mozilla 
Firefox browser that "lives" in part of my Linux box may be said to 
possess some sort of AI.

However my cat (who is neither a computer program, nor interacts with 
computers), and I (???)
both possess a quite different sort of intelligence . . .

This is why the Russell-Carnap theory that everything could be boiled 
down to a set of mathematical equations has failed so miserably.

So, while Artificial Intelligence can be said to exist, and be said to 
be capable of development, to
equate AI with animal intelligence might lead to ridiculous and 
unreasonable expectations.

Animals have feelings, and feelings cannot be mathematically quantified 
yet animals act upon them.

When I see a computer and/or program that suffers from mood swings I 
will admit I was wrong!


I don't know whether anybody has sat down and mapped out how AI is 
expected to develop
over the next dozen years or so. This might prove useful so that a lot 
of people don't waste
an awful lot of time trying to get something to behave in a way it is 
congenitally incapable of,
and stop the sort of "my computer behaves like my girlfriend" sort of 
expectations that seem to
be current.

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