audio guide app in livecode?

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Definitely concur with having to mess with things to see just how they might
turn out.  On the other hand, I don't see anything mutually exclusive about
the "first" and the "best" version of anything.  Take the iPad for example.
 Much as I hate Apple's imperious attitude to what an app can and can't do
on an iPad, it seems that none of its competitors have come remotely close
to challenging its market share yet.
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> Here's the rub- if one has an idea and the time, a person with even a
> medium
> amount of experience with Livecode can do this.
>  - personally I can't learn ANYTHING unless I am actually messing with it.
> I
> need a goal to learn.
> Even if someone beats you to the punch for an 'obvious idea' - you'll be
> ready with the better and more competitive version later- with the
> advantage
> of seeing the shortcomings and flaws in the first to market version. (and
> users comments in the app store)
> And you will always have your 'boilerplate' code and methodology that you
> created - which, if you designed correctly, could be used elsewhere for
> other applications.
> On 8 September 2011 13:05, Pete <pete at> wrote:
> > It does sound very simple on the face of it, which begs the question of
> why
> > nobody has implemented this much cheaper solution already?  Perhaps
> > museums,
> > being very traditional institutions, lag behind technology developments?
> >  As
> > I recall, I've always had to pay for this type of guide so perhaps the
> > museums make money on them, or perhaps they are just recouping the costs
> of
> >
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