audio guide app in livecode?

Jim Lambert jiml at
Thu Sep 8 18:29:31 EDT 2011

I recently attended the Tim Burton exhibition at Los Angeles County Museum Of Art.
You can rent an iPod Touch which was locked onto an app that allowed you to plug in numbers corresponding to exhibits.
Audio, video, text played.
It was well done.

The real production expense of these things is neither the programming nor equipment, but the conceptualization in coordination with the exhibitors/museums, design, writing, directing, performances, recording, animating, editing, biz dev/producing, publicity, etc.
Rather like mini movies.

There are lots of ways to publish now. I'd bet the traditional proprietary equipment method that PeterA described so well is on the way out.
One can imagine HTML 5 on a visitor's smartphone tapping from site specific WIFI servers.
It's no secret that at least two major US carriers plan to equip large venues, like museums and stadiums, with WiFi just to take the load off their cellular networks.

Jim Lambert

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