How to structure HTML text (tags and attributes) for processing in LiveCode?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Mon Jun 13 03:28:12 EDT 2011

Thanks Jim/Peter/Mark for the insights and code examples. 

It's now very clear that there is no prebuilt, standard mechanism within LiveCode (native or a library/external) for forcing soft-wrapping on HTML text by tags and attributes to allow further manipulation by line & item chunk expressions. 

I find this slightly strange, but I'm not surprised, as it seems to reflects a general lack of interest by RunRev in all things web - no live revServer, an increasingly unusable revWeb player, so no dedicated HTML tools kind of completes the set! :-(

Luckily this community exists, so I can stand on the shoulders of giants as I reinvent the wheel! Also, your tips and snippets reveal how I don't need to solve the whole, generic HTML mgt problem but can attack the specific tags and structures in my target pages. So, it's a small wheel (and not particularly round) but it does now roll... after a fashion! ;-)

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