custom control group - strange behavior

John Craig john at
Mon Jun 13 05:04:03 EDT 2011

I have grouped objects together and set 'selectGroupedControls' to false 
to create a custom control.
Usually this works no problem, but in this one case I have the following 

(The names are fictitious, but hopefully easier to follow)

The group 'customControl' contains groups, labels and graphics.
CustomControl's first sub group 'subGroup1' also contains further sub 
SubGroup1's sub groups 'subSubGroup1' and 'subSubGroup2' are NOT hidden 
in the application browser, but their parent group is!

I can see customControl then subGroup1 is hidden, but subSubGroup1 and 
subSubGroup2 show in the app. browser indented 2 units.

Has anyone seen this before?  If so, is there a fix without having to 
recreate the whole control from scratch.  I've compared the group 
properties of the various controls and there doesn't appear to be a 

Thanks in advance for any tips,


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