How to structure HTML text (tags and attributes) for processing in LiveCode?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Sun Jun 12 16:15:35 EDT 2011

I am a LiveCode novice (<1 year, so still a Rookie!). So, part of the challenge with LiveCode (and indeed, software development in general for me) is understanding the art of the possible. 

These short, worked example video demonstrations - with a low level of abstraction from real world objects and language - are for me, the easiest to follow and transfer to my own project challenges. I'll leave the 'fancy and more obscure' to those who can appreciate finessed code. I'm not going to be developing production systems, so I'll take effectiveness over efficiency every time - especially if it means I can read and understand the code!  

Your presentation was timely, as I just happened to have started on a web page screen-scraping challenge a few days ago. You reframed and solved some of the point problems than I was working through and added a few key  techniques to my armoury. 

Equally importantly, your example app also provided some insights into overall LiveCode application architecture options and process/data flow and automation possibilities. I hadn't even started to think about these, as I have been stuck down in the muck & bullets for weeks.

So, thanks for sharing.
On 12 Jun 2011, at 19:10, Colin Holgate wrote:

> Anything in particular? My thing was really all about how to do things as a beginner, there are fancier more obscure ways to do the same things. Not necessarily better, but sometimes more powerful.
> On Jun 12, 2011, at 1:44 PM, Keith Clarke wrote:
>> BTW nice presentation last night and really hit the spot with part of my current project 

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