Answer file with type BMPf?

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Thu Jan 27 09:59:57 EST 2011

Hi William,

Jan's solution works for me with bmp to set the filename of the image 

If you want to detach the image from the filename and to turn it from a
referenced image to an local/stack resident image you could issue the
following command

set the imagedata of image "foto1" to the imagedata of img "foto1"

Although this may sound funny it effectively detaches the image from the
file on disk and makes it an independent image object.

kind regards


>> I use this script in an image area: 
>> on mouseup 
>>     answer file "Kies een foto:" with type "All 
>> Images|jpg,gif,png,bmp|JPEG,GIFf,PNGf,BMPf" 
>>    if it = empty 
>>    then 
>>   put empty into img "foto1" 
>>     exit mouseUp 
>>    end if 
>>    put url ("binfile:" & it) into img 
>> "foto1" 
>> end mouseup 
>> Like I said: tested on Windows 7 and OSX 10.6 with LC 
>> 4.5.3. All images show up in img "foto1". No luck with any 
>> bmp file. 
>> Greetings, 
>> William 
> ... [show rest of quote]
> I'm afraid that putting it into the image control may fail. 
> Try this instead: 
>     set the fileName of img "foto1" to it 
>     if the result is not empty then answer error the result 
> HTH, 
> Jan Schenkel. 
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