Live LiveCode Code Event looking for presenters

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Jan 26 15:42:27 EST 2011

On 01/26/2011 10:33 PM, Calvin Waterbury wrote:
> Howdy from Texas, Y'all!
> I would like to do my part in good time, but I am still learning; 
> however, if somebody out there does work on Macs and Microsoft, I 
> would really like to see an unbiased, or at least a fair comparison 
> between strengths/weaknesses of these two titans of the personal O/S.  
> Sort of down the lines of, "Macs really are much better at stringing 
> foobars, but Windows wins out when it comes to gizwort constructs" and 
> "Did you know Windows can do this...,but on a Mac you have to use this 
> work around."
> I have been a Microsoft user since DOS (1984), but have been quite 
> intrigued by what I have garnered from the Mac discussions on the mail 
> list.
> Any takers?
> Calvin
> PS - I realize Lnx is out there too!  :)

First off: it seems well-nigh impossible to get a balanced comparison 
from anyone.

Second off: Linux is not "out there" like some wild coyote lurking on 
the fringes; it
               is already mainstream.

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