Harald Müller harald at etcpp.de
Thu Jan 27 09:59:36 EST 2011

Hi Mark,

I managed posting to Facebook also, but not via clean OAuth. Anyway: Good
luck with your commercial attempt!

You are right, the open-source attempt with the Wiki didn't work well and
I don't know how this can be done as "group work". But I think it's not clever
when each of us goes the same road, we could take a bus and share cost/time.
Perhaps the key point is to find a platform which was made for things like that.

http://www.subethaedit.net/  perhaps, or something like that.

Best regards,

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Am 27.01.2011 um 14:33 schrieb Mark Schonewille:

> Hi Harald,
> I made a system that successfully logs in on Facebook and posts messages. It isn't a general solution and it is still work in progress, but I think I am now able to do it for other systems as well, such as Twitter.
> Unfortunately, the open-source attempt failed completely and what I have now is a commercial solution. I can't share it for free but I can sell custom solutions.
> --
> Best regards,
> Mark Schonewille
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> On 27 jan 2011, at 14:18, Harald Müller wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> has anybody made it thru OAuth already? There will be no way around OAuth
>> for me and after looking at all those infos I found a very interesting playground:
>> http://googlecodesamples.com/oauth_playground/index.php?
>> Once again I would like to work with others on this. Step by step, something easy
>> to handle, perhaps a script which can be edited and commented together online?
>> Anyone interested? Mark? Another try?
>> Best regards,
>> Harald.
>> | Harald Müller (app.etcpp.de)
>> | Theodor-Körner-Straße 4, 97072 Würzburg
>> | Telefon + 49-[0]931-8049170
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