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Thu Jan 13 17:59:38 EST 2011

On 1/13/11 3:22 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:
> The script editor find has a variation when you click the "More..."
> button.  I've seen that window come up sometimes when I select Find
> from the edit menu but can't pin down just when that happens.

Oh, I see. That's actually the same Find window, the "more" option 
expands it. The shortcut for showing the fully expanded Find is 
Shift-Cmd-F, so maybe you hit that instead of plain Cmd-F.

> I have around 40
> substacks in my application and trying to find a specific one in the
> Application Browser is a pain, particularly since I can;t tell what
> order they are in - maybe sorted by the date they were created?

After I answered last time I noticed the mainstacks *are* in 
alphabetical order, which I like. It took till now for me to understand 
that you want the substacks sorted too. I guess I wouldn't mind that, 
I'd probably choose it, as long as the substacks remain stuck to their 
mainstacks in the app browser list. It's important to me to know which 
stacks are in the stackfile.

I'm pretty sure that alpha sorting the substack list would be a 2-second 
fix. A feature request would be in order.

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