LiveCode Newbie questions

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Thu Jan 13 18:23:06 EST 2011

And besides, we have a lot of dumb answers as well. If we're going to have fisticuffs each time that happened we'd never get any work done. 


On Jan 13, 2011, at 2:50 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 1/13/11 4:05 PM, Calvin Waterbury wrote:
>> Hi Jeff,
>> Thanks for the boost. I really do feel quite overwhelmed (see more below*)!
> It's normal. LC is fairly unique, and you need a certain critical mass of info before it falls into place. That doesn't take a whole lot of time, but there's a paradigm shift. Once it happens, it's all "voila" from there.
> And regarding your first note: we won't hit you. In fact, we'll embrace you. We love newcomers, and most of us will fall over backward to help. This is the right place to ask anything, no matter how stupid you think it is, because for every "dumb" question you're brave enough to post there will be a dozen other lurkers who want to know too. Ask anything.

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