OT: Are Microsoft really at it again!

Calvin Waterbury cjw at eml.cc
Thu Jan 13 18:34:28 EST 2011

Justices directives aside,  Microsoft will *not* do anything to help the 
other guys, so if some little omission or other "mistake" slips by their 
QC folks... oh well.

Fair winds,

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> 	Douglas <mailto:dougtechie at tiscali.co.uk>
> Thursday, January 13, 2011 5:29 PM
> Remember when Microsoft lost their European court cases about unfair 
> business practices etc.?
> One of the conditions of being allowed to continue to supply Internet 
> Explorer in boxed Windows 7 packs in the EU. was that they would add a 
> "Browser Choice" page that would allow the user to choose any of the 
> big 5 browsers to install on their new setup.
> Nice idea, but I just installed a clean Win7 setup and all the other 
> browsers are available EXCEPT FireFox !
> Clicking on "Install"  just goes to a dead link and the "Tell Me More" 
> button goes to a download page that also uses a dead link!
> (I checked the mozilla sites and they are up and running perfectly OK!)
> How many people think that this is an unfortunate "mistake" on 
> Microsoft's part?
> Maybe the Firefox team decided to shoot themselves by closing a server 
> that they had advertised to Microsoft?
> Or.... How about the Firefox team set up Microsoft to look bad by 
> giving them bad links
> Douglas
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