List Field Problem

John Dixon dixonja at
Sun Jan 9 02:54:55 EST 2011

 In the script of the list field...

set the hilitedLines of me to word 2 of the clickLine

and I forgot to say uncheck autohilite in the property inspector of the list field...

> > I created a scrolling list field with 6 choices.  The list field is larger
> > then the 6 choices I have included as more can be added by the user.  When I
> > click in the empty space below the 6 choices, it will either hilite the
> > first line or my last line that I selected.  This happens even after I set
> > the hilitedlines of field "field1" to empty.
> > 
> > Is there anyway to only hilite a line in a list field if I specifically
> > select the line?
> > 
> > Thanks for any help!
> > Warren


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