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Sat Jan 8 22:34:40 EST 2011

I wrote:

> But even if you do need arrowkey handlers, you can just check in the
> first line to see if the target contains the name of your menu group.
> Pass arrowkey if that's the case. If there are no menus on the card, the
> test won't be true and the handler will continue as it does now.

That's a little bit not right. I should have said to check if the name 
of your menubar is in the long name of the target. If you just check the 
target, you'll get the name of the menu button which won't work.

In other words, add this one line to the top of your arrowkey handler:

  on arrowkey pWhich
   if "the name of my menubar" is in the long name of the target
   then pass arrowkey
   -- rest of existing handler goes here
  end arrowkey

But I'd be surprised if you really need the arrowkey handler at all 
unless you're doing something non-standard with navigation. You should 
be able to ignore arrowkeys entirely and get the correct navigation and 
correct menubar behavior without doing anything. LiveCode's pretty smart 
about that stuff.

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