How to tell when a datagrid column has been resized

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Thu Dec 22 20:11:39 EST 2011

> Hi all. I have read up on all the lessons that might help, as well as searched the datagrid library, and I cannot find anyplace where a message gets sent when a column has been resized. I would like to trap that message so the next time around I can set up the datagrid the way it was last. Any ideas?
> Bob
Never mind. I figured out a way. I just put a handler for getprop dgColumnWidth [pColumn] in the script of the datagrid and then pass it when through. I think I was hoping for some kind of message to get sent when the resize was FINISHED. This gets sent when a column resize is in progress, even if the column is not changing in size at the time. As long as the mouse is down on the column divider, it keeps triggering. It feels dirty somehow, like I ought to be trying to be more efficient, and can't be. 

Oh well. I have CPU cycles to spare I guess...


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