How do I wait for a VBScript to finish?

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Fri Aug 12 15:39:51 EDT 2011

If you wrote the VBScript, then have liveCode check for a specific temp file and create it if it doesn't exist. Call your VBScript, then enter a wait loop checking every so often to see if the file still exists. If it does, wait some more. When  the VBScript is done, have it delete the file. 

You could also probably check for the name of your process that VBScript launches using shell commands, which would be cleaner. Not sure the syntax, but I am sure they exists because I have used them before. On the Mac the terminal command is top. I think in Windows it is sc. 


On Aug 12, 2011, at 12:26 PM, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I call a VBScript and need to know when it finishes so that I can restore a window. I can put a long delay but that isn't very elegant and the time delay should be a few seconds but it may take longer on older systems.
> I'm doing the same thing with an AppleScript on the Mac but it doesn't seem to have this problem but that could be that it just does it quick enough. 
> Is there a way to wait with messages or something like that for running a VBScript or AppleScript?
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