When Export Snapshot doesn't work

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Wed Apr 13 18:10:46 CDT 2011

I'm using 'export snapshot' and finding stuff that doesn't seem to be in the docs, nor did an archive search turn up anything. However I can never rule out finger trouble on my part.

Can anyone confirm the following:

1. You can't export a snapshot from a card in a substack which isn't open - you have to 'go to' the stack first to activate it. The thing you're snapshotting can be off the screen, though (with a loc like 10000,10000).

2. If the rect you specify for the snapshot is not actually within the image you're snapshotting, the export fails silently. Neither 'the result' nor 'it' seem to report any problems, but the file is not created.

3. There is no report if a file is overwritten by an export snapshot - instead you have to check that the file path is unique by using 'exists' separately. Or maybe this is a consequence of using URL "binfile:...

As usual, grateful thanks for any light shed or assumptions corrected


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