Custom control performance with a backgroundPattern

Anthony Howe anthonyhowe at
Wed Apr 13 18:59:46 EDT 2011

Hiya Gang,


stack at 1024 x 768 with a number of cards.

cards contain a number of custom controls for user. (multimedia app)

when using a 1024 x 768 imported background image file (around 800k... pre-optimised) as the 'backgroundPattern' for the stack / card, all the custom controls are sluggish at best, sometimes, disfunctional.

when using the SAME image simply placed on the card in question at layer 1 or 'back' everything works fine.

Current workaround is to insert the background image as the image of a BUTTON into the global nav grp that I have, which simply gets displayed on each required screen, without creating multiple instances of the large background image data.

The problem does NOT occur when SMALLER graphics are loaded as the backgroundPattern on the card / stack.

Also had the alwaysbuffer set to true of the image...

I'm guessing there's some weird memory management stuff going on with teh BackgroundPattern function and the larger file?


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