on-rev database help

Bill Ziegler billziegler at mac.com
Sat Oct 16 14:34:54 EDT 2010

I'm not even sure if I'm asking the question correctly.

I've made a simple time tracking database for my colleagues. Dates, fill-ins, drop downs etc. I'm not using any of the sophisticated Rev DB tools or SQL. I am just saving each collection of responses in separate fields. I also have a button that exports as a text file all info with records on separate lines, commas between items. Each teacher keeps their own stack on their laptop. When our supervisor needs to do a report for the school districts, each of the 13 teacher/consultants will generate the data-text file and send it to her. She will then import each text file into excel to do her sorts and reports.

Every time she needs to do an update, she'll need to ask us to send our latest data and create a new excel to keep the data correct. I do have an on-rev server account. I did attend and have the dvds for rev-live Las Vegas. I do own the DVDs from the On-Rev Edinburgh conference, but haven't had time to watch them yet. I know RunRev/Live Code fairly well. I do not know SQL.


1. Can I put my existing stack on my on-rev server account for multiple people to use at one time?

2. Can I put my existing stack on our school server for multiple people to use at one time?

3. Am i up-that-creek for not knowing SQL?

4. If (I) and (2) are possible with or without SQL what's my best option to learn how to do whatever I'll need to do.



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