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Hi Mark,

>> But exists yet NOT users, and even direct competitors.
>> With GPL you must open your source to them all.
> This is absolutely not true. I explained this in theh article.

May be then explain please once again?
Because then it seems not only me is confused :-)

Just only 

On 11/27/10 2:42 PM, "Björnke von Gierke" <bvg at> wrote:
> The GPL mandates that anyone can get the code.

> The GPL does not mandate how and when you give
> the source code to other people, only that you must do it.

            how and  *** when ***

joke about "100 years delay" in fact is true ?  :-)
If this is true, then yes, this is big challenge personally for me.

Then I think all closed-source software can claim  that we all are GPL, and
ready to open our sources, e.g. 100-1000 years later.

I.e. Oracle and MS SQL can claim they are open source? :-)
Just 1000 years later ? Wait please ...

Is this right? 

But again. I think the only final word can give lawyer experts in this area.

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