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Mike Arnold ma at
Mon Nov 15 11:09:14 EST 2010


Thank you for your response.  You've got it exactly right.  I already have a web page implementation ... first user request: an iPhone App, 2nd: Android, 3rd:  PC ... because at competitions occasionally we do not have cell coverage (though for the most part, it was because the iPhone people didn't realize that they could use their browsers ... but have to remember, carriage drivers have a rather high average age :-)

So the 'way' to do this is to define individual fields and set their properties for font and visibility (if a value isn't entered for a phase, then that phase doesn't get any values) ... Given this approach, what I am unsure of is how to make the size of Section A output variable (2 lines if 1.5K, but 8 lines if 7.5K) and then not have blank space if section D isn't specified. The idea is that if a printer is around, they can print this and tape it directly to their carriage.

(try some values on the web page and it might help understand my wandering

thanks in advance,

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