Remote SQL databases

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Monday, May 24, 2010, 9:00:59 PM, you wrote:

> I am not a MySQL expert but I have found that it is possible to
> join different databases, each with various tables. 

Bob S.'s main issue here is that he's trying to join two different
*types* of databases, a MySQL database and a SQLite database. That
can't be done with an SQL statement because the SQL command is
performed by the database itself. So if you send a SQL command to the
MySQL database it's getting executed by the MySQL engine, not by rev.
The MySQL engine has no knowledge of any other databases, and so it
would fail. I think the only way around this is to issue two SQL
commands, one to MySQL, one to SQLite, then take the recordsets and
mangle them yourself, pretending that you're the cross-db-type engine.
Could get ugly.

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