Coming unstuck with standalones: a real head CASE

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Mon May 24 08:20:11 EDT 2010

  On 24/05/2010 14:58, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>> In the stack, when the group "CONZ" is not visible the latter half of
>> the CASE statement 'fires',
>> In a standalone, when the "CONZ" is not visible the latter half of
>> the CASE statement DOESN'T WORK.
> No wonderful ideas, but are you sure the group "CONZ" is really
> invisible, or is it inside another group that is invisible?

Just checked: the card had 2 groups; "CONZ" and "VWLZ"; when "CONZ"
is invisible it is invisible, rather than as you suggest.

>   That's a
> trap that has caught me before, although I would expect it to behave
> the same in the IDE as in a standalone.

Well so would I; one of the reasons I am so mystified.

> Another possibility: could there be two groups with the same name?
> Maybe they are re-ordered in the standalone, so the script is looking
> at the wrong one.

I will probably have to ungroup the group and set the VIS on all its
components individually, curses, curses, curses.

> Cheers,
> Sarah

Thanks for your ideas.

You are lucky, there in Australia, as your winter approaches: here in 
we are just starting our hot and sticky patch rising to 48 degs C and 
humid that
lasts from now until mid-September!

sincerely, Richmond.

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