Cloud computing: scalable DB

Andre Garzia andre at
Tue May 18 09:48:37 EDT 2010


Thanks for dropping in the thread. One thing that I think is stopping some
rev developers moving to valentina is that there's no valentina server for
revServer. The FREE Valentina server has adaptors only for ruby and php, if
we had RevServer support or at least a public available protocol to talk to
valentina server then we could implement support in RevServer itself.

I think that David is doing some web development since most of the uses of
SimpleDB and RDS are related to web apps. Right now, we can't do web
development with valentina and rev. Which is a pitty since valentina is
deadly fast and provides the key-value stuff.

I too believe that no one here will reach the limit of a single server. I am
working right now on a system which has one database with 6 thousand tables
and millions and millions of records and it still a single mysql server. And
before you all curse me, I didn't design this stuff, I arrived at it after
THREE earlier programmers, I would never design anything with 6 thousand

I think the most attractive points of SimpleDB are:

* Easy setup. You just sign up and it's there.
* Dead easy API makes it quite easy to integrate.

As for RDS:

* No need to maintain your own server farm
* Useful for big guys with big requirements
* Useful for those that can't use a traditional RDBMS on their server, for
example guys using Heroku might want to use RDS since it is cheaper then
using Herokus RDBMS add-ons.

Now, if Paradigma Soft was to enter some agreement with RunRev team to have
Valentina Server deployed in the On-Rev cloud not only everyones life would
be easier but you might also see some new customers since the ability to
code once for one DB and use the same code in desktop apps and web app,
would reduce the costs of development and increase ROI (this is me
channeling Richard).

What most users want here is just some kind of persistance and minimal
querying. Many here don't even do joins or views or fancy SQL stuff. What
people need is an easy way to make a little persistence and querying. Which
I think valentina might be a cool solution.


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