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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue May 18 14:10:59 EDT 2010

Martin Koob wrote:

> However if I set the file name of an image object to an https URL  
>  the image will load without me specifying sslcertificates.   
> This is what made me think that I don't need to use the sslcertificates 
> command

I'm not sure about this one, we need a guru.

> Also if I use revbrowser it will open https sites and it will open a 
> movie hosted on an https page.  So RevBrowswer is handling https sites
> without me specifying the path to ssl certificates.  

I know in this case it isn't Rev handling the browser, it's webkit or 
IE. Rev just displays an instance of the OS browser, so that's what 
handles certificates in that case.

> I am not sure if it is a bug that the https URL doesn't work in the player
> or if there is something that I am supposed to do in terms of handling
> or providing the path to the ssl certificates on the computer.

That's why we need a guru. I'm weak in this area too.

> I am just learning about this so I have been experimenting with a few things.   
> I tried
> open secure socket to "" with message "wasConnected"
> this opens the socket which i can see with 
> answer the opensockets()
> This shows the socket as open

Well, sockets are a different animal. I think you're on the right track 
questioning the url library. Sorry I don't know more. Did you try 
checking the QCC for similar reports?

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