Runtime Revolution?

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri May 14 08:13:30 EDT 2010

Recently, Malte Pfaff-Brill wrote:

> I think it would be wonderful to have a multichannel audio library that worked
> cross platform. Basic features like loading / unloading multiple soundfiles
> and play them back on different sound channels. If there were basic mixing and
> effect capabilities that would be awesome and I for sure would be interested
> (and quite some others too I assume) What would be crucial is, that it would
> NOT rely on Quicktime as a playback engine. And also plays (and maybe exports)
> compressed audio formats.

Not sure where this is supposed to go, but don't forget seamless looping and
simultaneous start/stop of multiple sounds (not "start channel, start
channel 2...", etc).


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