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put the length of bills_var

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> Subject: Get size in bytes of object
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> Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010, 12:25 PM
> I am able to get a file from disk,
> compress it, and encrypt it to save the protected file back
> to disk. What I want to do is make sure there is enough room
> on the disk to save it before I try. I don't see a command
> that gets the size of a variable or a specific item on
> disk.
> I am able to do the following:
>     the diskspace --to get available disk
> space
>     the long files -- gets size information
> for all files in a folder
>     the size of an object -- only works for
> image, EPS, audioClip, videoClip, stack types of objects
> The user selects the file from anywhere on disk. I could
> use "the long files" but I would have to change the
> defaultFolder value to the new folder and then back again
> and then get the info for all the files just to get the one
> the user selected.
> Is there an easier way to do this?
> Is there a way to get the size of a variable in Rev?
> Bill Vlahos
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