[data grid] When getting a substack "Data grid Templates nnnn" is necessary?

Andre.Bisseret andre.bisseret at inria.fr
Wed May 12 08:09:31 EDT 2010

Bonjour Trevor (and all :-)

On cards of various substacks I want to be able to create data grids  
(tables) and, each time, to differently set properties of the new data  
grid (such as headers and content of course and width of columns,  
background color of the headers lines; aligning of the headers and of  
the columns content …; on some data grids I am also colorizing  
individual lines using a button "My default column Behavior" etc.…

I don't need to customize a Data grid Template.

I tried creating each data grid only using
  copy group "DataGrid" of group "Templates" of stack  
"revDataGridLibrary" to this card
So, I do not get any "Data grid Template nnnn" substack.
And all is working as expected.

Up to now, I thought that a data grid Template substack was necessary  
in any case. Seems that's wrong, isn't it?

Then it seems that a Data grid Template nnn" substack is necessary  
only if one needs to customize it? Is this correct?

Thanks in advance

Best regards from Grenoble


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