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Hi Graham,

There's been a lot of discussion on this topic already
It can be done in several ways.

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On 12 mei 2010, at 13:45, Graham Pearson wrote:

> List:
> In reading the documentation on the answer keyword I would like to  
> find a way to center this on the screen for those using Windows just  
> like it does on the Mac Environment. The application that I am  
> learning RunRev with positions itself in the lower right corner of  
> the users screen and is only 250W x 75H. I display an answer box to  
> the user in the event that the application can not access the  
> website to consume a web service. In thinking out-loud is the only  
> way to center this error message would be to create a new card to  
> display the error message? Or can the answer command be programmed  
> to display on the center of the users screen instead of over the  
> active card.
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