Thoughts on Kevin's announcement

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed May 12 09:38:13 EDT 2010

  On 12/05/2010 16:18, René Micout wrote:
> Richard,
> Why learning JavaScript ? I want use RevTalk !!

Yes! Having spent the better part of 9 years getting
reasonably good at RevTalk I have neither the time,
energy or inclination to start learning something as
"un-xTalk" as JavaScript.

I am pondering whether to learn the HyperNext language
but have yet to see what benefits will accrue from that;
the developer says he should (nice modal verb there)
be popping out a Linux version in September-ish.


Apple have closed the door for Rev developers as far as
the iPhone and iPad are concerned; at least for the
meantime; so any further discussion in that direction is
a waste of time.

However; outside the cow-byre of Apple there are lovely
green fields full of flowers just longing for programs made
with RunRev and revMobile; so "sucks to Apple" and move
on . . .  :)


 From my point of view, RunRev's failure to bring the Linux
version up to par with the Windows and Mac versions is
not much better than Apple saying "boo". There is a vast
area of computing (i.e. Linux deployment) that is being
excluded from RunRev developers just as surely as
Apple is excluding RunRev developers from the expensive

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